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5. Rule number 2

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6. Summary

It is time to review what you have learned so far. In addition to getting familiar with the environment on this site, you have learned the first two rules for learning about programming.


Rule # 1

Learning about computer programming is like learning to play a musical instrument: you have to do it, not simply read about it.

Rule # 2

Write your computer programs to make them easy for people to read and understand.

Related to Rule # 2, we have seen how we can include comments as a mean to communicate some information to other humans, information that will be ignored by the computer.

While I have not mentioned this explicitly, you have also learned that a program is a series of instructions. You have seen a total of 5 different instructions:

  • move()
  • turn_left()
  • take()
  • put()
  • pause()

You may or may not have used the pause() instruction which I only mentioned in passing when talking about bugs. If you have not done so, you might want to write a short program that includes it just to see what happens; make sure that the pause() instruction is neither the first instruction nor the last one so that you can plainly see what it does.