Welcome to Reeborg's world!

life-size Reeborg
Photo courtesy of A. Judkis.

Reeborg's world is intended to help beginners to learn programming, using Python (Javascript is also supported).

You should have a look at the documentation, which includes a programming tutorial to find out more about it.

Short videos

A while ago, I made a few very quick videos to guide you. While the interface has changed since then, they should still give you the basic idea required for accomplishing the desired task. If you watch those videos, I strongly suggest that you do so in full screen with HD quality selected.

For people that teach Python

Students using Reeborg's World
Photo courtesy of A. Castano.

While Reeborg's World has been designed first with students in mind, special attention has been given to the needs of educators. Very different worlds designed with your pedagogical goals in mind should be relatively easy to create.

If you teach Python using Reeborg's World, I would really appreciate if you could contact me and tell me about it. Eventually, I would like to create a special page mentioning those that use it. From internet searches, I know that many people use(d) RUR-PLE, the desktop predecessor of Reeborg's World in classrooms, but only a few teachers (as well as some representatives of Samsung in South Korea) contacted me about doing so. Make sure to consult the documentation.

For people that used RUR-PLE

If you used RUR-PLE and have created your own world, you can use a conversion tool to convert your world files to the new format used by Reeborg's World.

Your personal information

Reeborg's World does not require the users to log in and no information is saved on its server: all that is required to customize your experience is saved on your own browser, using the local storage functionality. In the past, Reeborg's World did use a third-party service to see where the visitors using the site were coming from. At the time, most users were coming from France.