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30. Revisiting some challenges

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31. Summary

Since the last summary, we have seen one more Python keyword, while, and two additional functions, right_is_clear() and carries_objects().

31.1. Python keywords

In alphabetical order, we have seen the following Python keywords:

  • def
  • elif
  • else
  • False
  • from
  • if
  • import
  • not
  • True
  • while

31.2. Functions specific to Reeborg’s World

We have seen the following functions which bring about a change in Reeborg’s behaviour or in the state of its world:

  • move()
  • build_wall()
  • put()
  • pause()
  • take()
  • done()
  • turn_left()

We have also seen the following functions which tell Reeborg something about the state of its world:

  • at_goal()
  • object_here()
  • right_is_clear()
  • front_is_clear()
  • carries_object()
  • wall_in_front()
  • wall_on_right()