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11. Using the Library

When programmer make use of a given function in different programs, rather than redefining it in each program they write, they put them in special programs called libraries and they have a way to ensure that their other programs can use the functions that are found in the library.

You are going to use the function turn_right() a lot! Instead of rewriting it each time (remember Rule # 3), what you are going to do is to write it once (more) but, this time, instead of writing it in the editor with the Python Code tab, you will click on the library tab and write it there. Oh, and you should also write turn_around() there as well.


Then, when you want to use the functions defined in your library, you will simply type from library import (followed by the function names, separated by commas) on its own line in the Python Code editor.

Do this!

After writing the functions turn_right() and turn_around() in the library, go back to the Python Code editor (so you no longer see your functions) and write a short program that nonetheless uses them to make sure that they work as expected. If they don’t, go back and fix them. Remember to use from library import turn_right, turn_around in your main program.


With the appropriate functions defined in the library, here is such a program:

from library import turn_right, turn_around
turn_left()  # back at starting position

From now on, whenever you define a function that you use more than once, add it to your library so that you don’t have to redefine it every time.

11.1. Reeborg can understand French

There exists a special library which enables Reeborg to understand French. For example, instead of writing move(), one can write avance() and Reeborg will do the right thing. For example, try the following:

from reeborg_fr import avance, tourne_a_gauche


Your turn!

Write a short program which uses the functions of the French library.

For educators who prefer a language other than English

A complete French version is available from the language menu at the top right. Other languages may be available as well, based on contributions from volunteers ... perhaps you’ll be one of them and provide a translation in your own language! ;-)