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3. Objects, background images, etc.

In addition to walls, which can block Reeborg’s path, there are a number of images that are used to represent various objects.

3.1. Basic objects

Reeborg can interact with various objects. He can take() and put() down the following such objects, in particular, token token, Reeborg’s favourite object. Tokens are like coins, except most people find them of little value, especially with the smiling face image; Reeborg begs to differ.

If there are more than one object present, and Reeborg needs to specify which object to take() or put() down, Reeborg uses the name of the object as a string of character, as in put("token") or take('token') [both single and double quotes can be used, as long as they occur in pairs.]

In addition to tokens, Reeborg can interact with various geometrical shapes, fruits, flowers, vegetables, etc. [Many of these images have been adapted from]

dandelion:dandelion While they can be pretty, dandelions are usually considered to be weeds - and often need to be removed from the world.
leaf:leaf Reeborg doesn’t particularly likes leaves. The presence of a leaf (or more) in Reeborg’s World usually indicates that Fall has arrived, the leaves are falling from the trees, and Reeborg must rake them instead of playing. Given the opportunity, Reeborg always prefer to play.
triangle:triangle A triangle of this kind could only exist inside Reeborg’s World. Here’s a close-up view of this triangle.


3.2. Decorative objets

The objects above can also be drawn purely as decorative objects. When this is done, Reeborg cannot interact with them, and they are not taken into account when deciding if a task has been accomplished or not.

Whereas the number of “normal” objects found at a given location is indicated, no number is drawn for decorative objects.

3.3. Background tiles

grass:grass pale_grass Harmless for Reeborg to walk on.
gravel:gravel Harmless for Reeborg to walk on.
water:water Can cause Reeborg to drown. Fortunately, Reeborg can detect it using front_is_clear().
mud:mud Can cause Reeborg to get hopelessly stuck. Reeborg cannot detect mud before stepping into it.
brick wall:bricks Reeborg can crash into this; fortuntaly, it can detect it using front_is_clear().
ice:ice Causes Reeborg to slip and continue it movement towards the next tile. This could be problematic if an obstacle lies there. Reeborg cannot detect ice before stepping into it.


3.4. Background image

It is possible to specify a single image to be used as background for the entire world. This is done by providing an address (URL) where the image file can be found.

When editing a world, the wall grid is drawn above that image so that it is visible; in execution mode, this grid is drawn behind. However, “real” walls are drawn above the background image and are thus visible.

The background image is drawn as-is: its size is not ajusted in any way (except when small tiles are used). To figure out the size of the image required, one simply has to count the number of grid squares: each square is 40 by 40 pixels.

3.5. Special objects

Special objects, like normal objects, are drawn above background tiles. However, they can not be picked up by Reeborg and they can change the expected behaviour of a tile.

bridge:bridge Allows Reeborg to cross safely over water. Reeborg will always express its happiness at being able to cross over a bridge instead of falling in water.
fences:fence_right - fence_left - fence_double - fence_vertical Can be detected by Reeborg. If Reeborg is asked to move where a fence is located, Reeborg will attempt to jump over it but will fail miserably. Note that to make enclosed areas, you might have to overlap the image of the last one over one of the other three images.
box:box Boxes are pushed out of the way by Reeborg ... provided something else, like a wall or another box, etc., is not preventing the box to move. A box pushed by Reeborg in the water will float and become a bridge allowing Reeborg to safely cross over water. The example below illustrates this


3.6. Goals

Reeborg, must accomplish certain goals, like reaching a final position, or dropping certain objects at a certain location. To indicate that one (or more) object must be dropped at a given position, these grey images are used:

apple_goal banana_goal carrot_goal daisy_goal dandelion_goal leaf_goal orange_goal strawberry_goal tulip_goal square_goal star_goal triangle_goal token_goal

To indicate that Reeborg must end its task at a given final position, one of these images is used:

green_home_tile house racing_flag