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3. More recursion

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4. Counting on recursion

Reeborg knows how to count ... but we have not seen that yet and will not for a while. If you know some Python other than what you’ve learned here, you might already know how to make Reeborg count using numerical variables; however, I ask you to not use those in what follows.

Select world Tokens 5. Where Reeborg stands, a single token can be found. You know how to make Reeborg take the token and move to the next square. I ask you to do this and have Reeborg repeat these two steps until he finds itself on a square where no token is to be found. Then, Reeborg must drop all the tokens collected on that square and move to the next square.

The exact same program must work with world Tokens 6, which has a different number of tokens - so you can not use repeat as you don’t have a fixed number of repetitions.

Reeborg starts with an infinite number of tokens in his pockets: so you can not use carries_object() to figure out when to stop dropping tokens on the one spot.

Try this!

Use recursion to write a solution to this problem. An outline of a solution can be found below:

def collect():
    # something
    # something
    if some_condition:
        # something
    # something


Recursive challenges

Review all of the previous challenges and try writing new solutions using recursion instead of while loops.